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If you’re among the millions of families

Moving costs are determined by so many factors resulting in a large variance in the price range for your move. It’s important to discuss these variables with the moving companies providing your quote. Weight Distance Packing Needs Accessory Services Accessibility Difficulty Special Items Make sure to be aware of all the possible costs so your […]

Federal Rights & Responsibilities When You Move TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction by FMCSA Administrator What Is Included in This Booklet? Subpart A – General Requirements Subpart B – Before Requesting Services from Any Mover Subpart C – Service Options Provided Subpart D – Estimating Charges Subpart E – Pickup of My Shipment of Household Goods […]

Let’s face it, no one really enjoys going to buy all new cleaning supplies, detergents, foods, and other household necessities normally kept on hand at all times. Unfortunately, there are several items that are not allowed to be transported on a moving truck for safety reasons and to protect your own furniture items as well […]

If you are planning to handle all of the packing on your own, there’s a few tips we have compiled to really help you when it’s time to get to work. 1. Purchase quality supplies from a packing/shipping supply wholesaler. Boxes purchased from hardware stores and general mailing stores are not designed for long haul […]

How accurate do I need to be with my inventory? Make sure that you provide all items that could possibly moved to obtain the highest price you should expect to pay. If you get rid of items before the move, you can always update your representative, but at least you can prepare your budget for […]

Week-by-week Moving Planner 8 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING: 7 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING: 6 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING: Begin notifying others of your change in address. Click here to start the Change of Address process online. Be sure to notify the following people and groups: 5 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING: 4 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING: 3 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING: 2 […]

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