When will I get my 3 FREE moving quotes?

Once you submit your information, we will sift through our network of companies to ensure your information is provided only to those moving companies who service your origin and destination. This will eliminate any unnecessary fees for additional travel expense. They will receive your information directly and start working with you right away.

How do you select the moving companies in your network?

Of course we handle the basic licensing and insurance preliminary background check. We feel that our services go above and beyond what is “basic.” We thoroughly check every moving company through the internet and request references from previous customers.

How far in advance should I select my moving company?

It is important to select a moving company as soon as you feel that you’ve found the right fit for you. Don’t rush into selecting a mover because you feel like you’ve passed the “expiration date” for selecting a company. Moving companies are accustomed to handling changes on a fairly constant basis. They will likely be happy to have your business and will fit you in where they can. If they won’t, then you can only assume the rest of your experience is likely to be equally accommodating.

What should be my main reason when deciding which moving company to select?

This is really case specific, however the most important reason for selecting a moving company is by the details they can provide you that deals with your specific circumstances. The more that you and your mover know equally, the chances are that what you need to happen will and without any surprises on either end.

What if I have a problem with my moving company?

We are here to connect you with a company that works to suit your needs. If you need some assistance with your moving company or don’t understand a specific charge or policy, give us a call. We are here to help you get the best moving service you most certainly deserve!