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Hassle-free moving is what we all wanted. And if you want a worry free moving service, you can make your moving arrangements with a full service moving company. As the term connotes, full service move will take care of all you moving frets, from the packing stage up to the time your things will be unloaded and unpacked to your new location. The service may cost more than when you will pack your items the do-it-yourself way.  However, if you have the capacity to pay for a full service move, it is highly recommended that you take this moving scheme, for these reasons:
1. Packing is an art. A good packing can only be done by professionals. They can systematically pack your goods, in such a way that your items will be placed on carton boxes in “Tetris” style, maximizing the space without sacrificing the safety of your things.
2. You will be more relaxed. Remember that the most rigorous part of the move is the packing stage, when you will have to wrap your belongings one by one, put these in boxes, labeling each box and counting the items inside.
3. Unpacking is a burden. The moving crew will do this for you. They will unpack all your belongings; put them where these should be placed. They will gather and dispose all packing materials and leave your premises clean without those “packing debris”.
4. Minimal breakage or damage on your fragile items. The systematic and proper packaging of your belongings will pay off. Chinaware, mirrors, glasses and other breakable ones are packed securely; hence, there is less possibility of damages on these things.
5. You will have more time to make arrangements on your new location. You will have the time to think where to put your furniture, household appliances and other big baggage, and ask the crew to place where you wanted them to be.

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