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Taking full service movers means that you want a worry-free moving of your personal goods. The moving company of your choice must provide an efficient and organized system that will start from the packing of your belongings. Usually, the company has a relocation consultant who will assess your moving needs to explain their services along with the corresponding fee. Your home will be surveyed and they will take note of the items to be transported. Then, the consultant will advise you on his/her findings and the contract will be prepared afterwards.

At a given schedule, the moving crew will go to your house to start packing your things. They are trained to handle fragile items and securely pack them in special boxes that are impact resistant. Their crew will haul big appliances and furniture with care, while avoiding dents in the process. They are knowledgeable in disassembling and assembling furniture to maximize the space of the container van. Packing materials such as boxes, wrapping papers, crates, cushion foams and packaging tapes are provided by the full service mover. In the loading process, the moving crew should be well equipped on loading heavy things. Some provides mini forklifts or chain to lift a large cargo. Furniture and appliances are wrapped in moving blankets and securely tied to the van. In full moving services, the crew shall also be responsible in unpacking of all the packages, whether big or small. You will be asked where you want them to put the items based on your preferred places.

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