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How accurate do I need to be with my inventory? Make sure that you provide all items that could possibly moved to obtain the highest price you should expect to pay. If you get rid of items before the move, you can always update your representative, but at least you can prepare your budget for the worst.

Do you guarantee I will receive a quote from a moving company? You will receive a quote from 2-6 moving companies that service your area. We feel that having a choice is the best way to get the best service. Please keep in mind that some areas have less companies serving the area/route, so you might not receive as many quotes as a metropolitan area.

Who will you share my information with? In the internet age, this is a common concern. Our secure site only allows your information to be distributed by movers in our network. You will not be contacted by any third party affiliates or spam. We know how important your privacy is and we take extra precautions to protect you.

How long should it take to move? Your time frame for delivery will depend on several factors. Be sure to discuss your specific needs with your mover. Some offer expedited or guaranteed dates and others offer discounts and incentives if you have a flexible schedule.

How is my stuff insured when a mover holds my items? All moving companies must carry standard insurance. They are required by law to offer two valuation options by which to cover your shipment. Make sure to take the time to understand all of your options and their reimbursement values.

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