Leave Moving to the Professionals It’s a known fact that most people can move themselves. Just hire a truck, call some friends and get it done. Right? If only it were so simple. Whether you are moving your home around the corner or across the country, moving can be a huge headache, especially when you take it on yourself. Why not leave it to the professionals?

Professional Movers: -Are trained and experienced to handle any size piece of furniture, no matter how heavy or awkward. With years of training and hard work, there’s nothing that can’t be done.

  • Have extensive knowledge and experience packing and protecting personal items and furniture. Movers also have access in bulk to special packing supplies that are not readily available to the public. Most damages during moving occur from improper packing and padding, leading to repairs or replacement. Trust your movers to take the time and care to guarantee your furniture arrive unscathed.
  • Have years of experience properly loading and stacking a truck to ensure that no items shift during transport, leading to damage or total loss. Movers are trained to maximize space on the truck, leading to a secured load that has no opportunity for movement in the bumpy ride.
  • Let you save the backbreaking labor to handle the more personal aspects of your moving needs. Leaving it to the professionals really gives you the time to make sure you didn’t let any little things slip through the cracks.
Moving Cost Calculator Household goods movers use many different variables to come to your estimated move cost. The major determining factors of your moving cost are the size of your move and the distance between the two locations. If moving locally, your mover will be charging by the hour or the number of rooms. If you are moving long distance (across state lines), your moving rate will either be based on weight or volume.

Don’t Forget the Details! There are also additional charges that can be assessed by the moving company to calculate your final cost. It’s important to determine what possible additional charges each company has written into their estimate. Possible additional charges include may be but are not limited to:

  • Packing supplies and services
  • Stairs or Elevator
  • Long walking distance from the moving truck to the residence
  • Limited or no access for the over the road vehicle
  • Storage
  • Items requiring special handling or packing
  • Items of extraordinary size or weight
Every moving company has to disclose these items in their tariff and produce it upon request. It should, however, be made clearly and readily available to you in the terms of your moving estimate prior to booking and reserving your move. Make sure not to leave anything out, as it only makes you and your mover more adequately prepared. The key to an accurate estimate is in the inventory the mover takes from you to determine the weight or volume and the details provided that make your move unique. The details bring you closer to a realistic estimate and will save you surprise and headache in the long run