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If you are planning to handle all of the packing on your own, there’s a few tips we have compiled to really help you when it’s time to get to work.

  • 1. Purchase quality supplies from a packing/shipping supply wholesaler. Boxes purchased from hardware stores and general mailing stores are not designed for long haul moving. Make sure boxes are sturdy by purchasing double or triple walled boxes. The extra support in the structure of the box allows for the boxes to be stacked inside the truck without buckling or crushing. Small bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and blank newsprint paper will help to protect your valuables and save you a great deal of headache in the end.
  • 2. Boxes should be securely set up for packing. A strip or two across the bottom and the top to make it a cube does not secure the box for shipping. A tight and secure set of tape to secure the bottom and top both along the crease and across will ensure the box does not burst open. Also make sure to reinforce the walls of the box by taping around the sides of the box for extra support. A common problem in moving results from boxes bursting due to overpacking or lack of support on the side seams of the boxes.
  • 3. Make sure the boxes you are packing are full, not to be confused with stuffed with heavy items. Air in boxes lends no support. A large part of the support of a box actually comes from the contents within to hold the structure intact vertically and horizontally when stacking.
  • 4. Label your boxes for easy organization while unpacking. Your movers will gladly place your items in each room they will ultimately be placed, but cannot guess he contents of the box. One of the easiest ways to do this is with color cording stickers or marking on printing labels the room destination for each item.
  • 5. Secure all valuable small items towards the inside of the box, making sure to surround them with padding. Often times people will use towels, sheets, and other linens while self packing these pieces.
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