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If your move involves long distance travel, you have to contact a professional long distance mover. They know how to facilitate an interstate move. This includes the preparation of documents, the government tariffs to be paid (for international shipment), the permits and other requirements for long distance move. Long distance movers have the experience in preparing the requirements […]

Most moving clients prefer full service moving than partial moving service, in which, you will no longer worry doing the packing and unpacking of your belongings. It costs more, but it will relieve you of the many ordeals of DIY packing. The cost will depend on what you want to move or what will be retained. Other […]

Hassle-free moving is what we all wanted. And if you want a worry free moving service, you can make your moving arrangements with a full service moving company. As the term connotes, full service move will take care of all you moving frets, from the packing stage up to the time your things will be unloaded […]

Taking full service movers means that you want a worry-free moving of your personal goods. The moving company of your choice must provide an efficient and organized system that will start from the packing of your belongings. Usually, the company has a relocation consultant who will assess your moving needs to explain their services along with […]

Moving all your household items from one location to another is very tiring. Just imagine the rigorous preparations for the move, from the time of packing all your things, up to the time you are settled to your new location, you will be dumbfounded on the enormous work to be done. That’s the reason why […]

Moving companies are truly a great help nowadays that transferring to different locations is becoming a way of life. As military moving is provided by the government, it would be helpful to ask other military families who have been transferred to a different location. If you are a military member and you will be assigned […]

Military move is given to a military personnel of the United States who will be permanently assigned to another station. The government will hire a military mover to transport the military member’s personal property to his new assignment. Take note that baggage weight must not exceed the allowed limit depending on the rank of the […]

If you are a military staff who has been assigned to another station with a PCS or Permanent Change of Station status, you are entitled to a military move. There are military movers that transport the belongings of military personnel who are assigned within the CONUS (Continental United States). They are hired by the government to […]

There are about 20 van lines operating across the United States and most of them have agents in major cities. Known as a trusted mover, Van line arranges the relocation of goods or possessions from one place to another. The company makes use of moving vans for state to state move. Apparently, when storage is required, the […]

The mere thought of relocating is already labor-intensive. You may be overwhelmed with the heavy task it would take prior to the move, during the move and after the move. This is true especially for out of state moving. The company must be competent enough in transporting your possessions, considering that this will entail long […]

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